So this morning I caught my son spying on me

and all I could think about was Jurassic Park all day

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:)))))))) sw fun:)))

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Alright, so about a month ago my son started complaining that it’s been too noisy at night for him to sleep. So naturally my wife and I started turning off the TV and being extra quiet after bed time.

Well, a couple days later he was acting the same way, tired and crabby. So I asked him what’s been bothering him. He replied “I don’t like my monkey. He’s too noisy.”

I asked him what the monkey was saying and he replied “He yells ‘hohoho hahahah’ all night long.”

With a little bit of a laugh I told him he has a good imagination and then we both asked the monkey to please be quiet at night so my son could sleep.

The next day, when I woke up, I found the monkey sitting on my chair in the computer room behind the child-gate. The day after that my wife found him locked in the guest bathroom.


OK, creepy…but whatever. So my wife ended up asking her sister if she wanted the monkey for her little girl and she agreed. The monkey found a new home, and from what I hear the little girl plays with him so much he’s too tired to be noisy at night.

All is well for about a week. Then my son tells me he doesn’t like our house. I ask him why and he says I don’t know.

Thinking he’s just an average 3-year old with an active imagination, I reassure him that everything is ok and I put him down for his nap time.

When I go to wake him up I see his Dress-Me-Josh standing up by his bed. Creeps me out a little…


So I bury him under a pile of my son’s stuffed animals in his reading corner. Problem solved right?

No dice the other night during a thunderstorm, I woke up because I thought my son was walking around. When the lightning flashed I saw a shadow of a little boy on the wall so I got up and looked around…didn’t see anything.


I looked around thinking he was playing some kind of game but I couldn’t find him. When I went to my son’s room I found him asleep. He definitely wasn’t running around. I looked around the house…albeit super paranoid and couldn’t find anything.

When I checked his reading corner Dress-Me-Josh is just hanging out on the top of the pile. Freaked me the heck out. So I launched that dude in the garage and locked the door until morning.

I swear that thing he was wearing all his clothes when I threw him out in the hallway too, but when I pulled back the covers on my son’s bed in the morning I found Dress-Me-Josh’s little fabric shoe.

Needless to say, I am super freaked out. Anyone have any advice?

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help me? it’s…it’s too late for me, grayson. it was always too late for me, don’t you get it? i tried really hard to be what batman wanted me to be—which was you. but this world, this dirty, twisted, cruel and ugly dungheap had other plans for me. and it’s not done yet.

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BATMAN and ROBIN by Cinar

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our hoodies - attack on titan

it was waiting to be made since months and we knew we have too many snk fans among our close friends to just drop this project, even though it was quite a challenge! yes, it’s another double layered hoodie and yes, this is one piece thing, both layers are sewn together~ up here on etsy and obviously this can be made with any other symbol too ♥

amazing attack on titan hoodies

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Batman and Robin #36

wow. I dig red hood’s armor. Timmy’s looks tough too.

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Ed McGuinness


Knight and Squire were awesome. She would have been a great Robin.

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